Thaumiel Sonozaki - ΆΛΦΑ ΚΑΙ ΩΜΈΓΑ

by Nine Gates Records

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I. The light which shines upon us from the stars is like a view into the distant past. What we see as a bright shining star may be all that is left, for the star itself may be long dead once its light reaches us.

II. The Klamath tribe of the Northwestern United States believes that Llao, the god of the underworld, cursed them with celestial fire and they sought the help of the sky god, Skell. Skell descended from the heavens atop Mount Shasta and battled Llao. Skell was victorious and cast Llao down under Mount Mazama, sealing him with a lake we know today as Crater Lake.

III. What lies beyond that which we can see with our advanced technology? Are there other sentient beings in this universe, unseeable to us? Or are we all alone in this infinite, vacuous plane?

(Opening line from Gustav Holst's "The Planets", Op. 32 Mvmnt. 7 "Neptune, the Mystic")

IV. On December 21st, 2012, the 5,126 year long calendar of the Maya peoples ended. Many believed that this date signified an end but what it truly signified was a new beginning. Maybe the life cycle of our universe is not linear, but cyclical?

(Track also featured on the EMG compilation album “EOTW”)

I would like to thank Mike O'Brien for being willing to accept my music on his new label Nine Gates. I would also like to thank once again Marc Hoyland for all his help and guidance. (I'd also like to thank the two of them additionally for musically inspring me with Melankolia and Hoyland, respectively). As well as Drazen Rodriguez for his musical
inspiration through Ezra Yates. I'd also like to thank DSK Instruments, Rumpelrausch Täips, IK Multimedia, and Steinberg for making such excellent products. Finally, I would like to thank all the fans from all over the world (particularly from Russia, as it seems that's where most of you are from, Благодарю вас за вашу поддержку!) I didn't imagine this project would spread quite rapidly!


released March 18, 2013

All recording, mixing, mastering, artwork by Daniel Maldonado.

Released by Nine Gates

“To live and die is the human condition. To experience that existence is the essence of art.”




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Nine Gates Records Lancaster, Ohio

To live and die is the human condition. To experience that existence is the essence of art.

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